Mediation & Arbitration

In our state courts, 97% of all civil cases are resolved short of trial; in federal court, only 1 1/2% of civil cases are actually tried! The vast majority of all civil cases are settled at mediation.

Having mediated and arbitrated over 3,000 cases, and having taught arbitration at law school, Steven A. Johnson is one of Northwest Indiana’s most active and successful civil mediators and arbitrators. Scheduling starts with Steve’s online mediation calendar.

George S. Ivancevich brings invaluable experience to the team as both a civil and family law mediator, stemming from his years on the bench as a civil, family law and probate magistrate. Visit George’s online calendar.

Whether needing a civil or family law mediator or arbitrator, our team is committed to providing a successful, efficient and cost effective resolution. Please feel free to contact us at, and, for your convenience, be sure to coordinate dates through the use of our online mediation calendars.